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We at Munster Refrigeration Services are totally dedicated to saving unnecessary costs in these tough times.We can advise you on  sales, service and maintenance in refrigeration, air conditioning and catering equipment. We can give you  knowledge and expertise on your existing equipment. If your in the market for new equipment,we will make it our business to source out and invest in the best products that suit your needs, new or second hand.
I have over 13 years experience in the refrigeration and air conditioning sales and service for industry and small to medium based business.
Munster Refrigeration is competitive in the price of our sales and service. Why not try us and you wont be disappointed.


Thermodynamic Solar Energy

Now in this current climate we or installing the next generation thermodynamic solar energy.
This system is new to Ireland but well established in Europe.These units consist of a refrigerated system to heat your domestic hot water at a fraction of your old systems price,
Paying to heat your water with the infamous “IMMERSION”  will be a thing of the past
With the new Solar PST unit you can have running hot water at 55 degrees 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
There are grants available for this system.


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